Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TranscenDANCE performs for SPA!

An amazing non-profit organization called TranscenDANCE visited San Pasqual on 8/22/06 and performed an non-stop dance and spoken work piece for 90 minutes. The performances included original poetry, hip hop and modern dance numbers, and professional teen dancers from local San Diego area high schools. We were thrilled to have them perform for us and hope they will come out in the future! Thank you TranscenDANCE!!!

transcenDANCE: n [from the combination of transcend, transcendent, and dance] 1: the method by which youth, empowered by the arts, will overcome the negative and restrictive aspects that threaten their community via performances marked by surpassing qualities of diligence, passion, creativity, thoughtful reflection, and care 2: arts for the purpose of social change 3: a San Diego-based non-profit that provides professional training in dance, choreography, creative writing, and theatre to multi-cultural, inner-city youth in San Diego, with the firm belief that the arts can be an effective vehicle for mobilizing and empowering people to work for social change in their communities.